Horizon CIty Chat Room [83]
Mon at 3:10
Howd you brick it?
Mon at 3:10
Too much porn downloads? ......
Mon at 3:11
Were back in houston. My wife and i are thinking about being skoolies.
Mon at 3:12
Like... Buying a cheap school bus and converting it into a home. Look it up. Its a thing. You can do some amazing things with school buses.
2002DarkFire Legend
Mon at 6:28
no :p it's been having problems since i got it. It would occasionally have crashing problems but now it would turn back on :/
2002DarkFire Legend
Mon at 10:49
Mon at 14:11
Sux. I know that feeling :/ sux when you have 60 bucks in music on it that you cant transfer.
2002DarkFire Legend
Mon at 21:35
or access to all of your accounts through two step authentication :/
Wed at 2:31
Ugh..ya.. That too
2002DarkFire Legend
Wed at 5:36
yeah :/ hopefully i can get all my accounts back
Thu at 22:11
Finally landed on the perfect laptop... https://m.newegg.com/products/9SIAAPK6KH1321
Thu at 22:12
Just purchased it, so i should get it in about week. Lots of ram storage and a great graphics card along with an i7 processer. Should allow me to do website stuff and play mc or anyother game easily. :)
2002DarkFire Legend
19 hours ago
That's actually really good :) I'm glad you'll be able to get back on the server :)
8 hours ago
Me too dude, im really wanting to build back in my hc world. Or even build a little town/market area with rentablr lots in the pvp world.
8 hours ago
I neeed to do soo much cleanup on the vote key thing. I was still adjusting and working on that before the storm..and the slot machine thing. That thing is really fun
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