Article by: Patrick R. O'Boyle
Admittedly, i have never been a fan of Minecraft Mega Servers for reasons i won't get into in this article. (Triggered rant coming on...) However, of all the Big mega Minecraft Servers out there, Hypixel as always been one of my more favorite ones to play on when i feel like playing mini-games and such. It seems to be run more by a dedicated group of people who genuinely Love minecraft's core game play and want to enjoy it with others. They seem to take the money they earn from there server to generally improve the game play or setup of there servers for everyone.

  2 years ago, a group of developers from Hypixel Inc. Broke off (with hypixel Inc's consent of course) to create Hypixel Studios. Now, fast forward 2 years and we now see what they've been secretly working on for the past 2 years.
 If you (like many other youtubers out there) are thinking this looks like it could be "Minecraft 2" you would not be far from the truth. Hytale is HEAVILY inspired by minecraft. In fact the developers of the game have been successfully running one of the biggest minecraft servers in history.-there in the Guinness book of world records for the largest minecraft server...-
 So, it would make sense then that there official game Hytale would be heavily inspired or have extremely similar mechanics as Minecraft. But make no mistake, the similarities exist only on the surface.
For starters, Built-in modding support is going to be included Right out of the gate!
Character models are a bit more detailed as well, allowing you to create more custom models to your preference. (instead of having to download skins or create custom skins using other model editors) Many more creature models are available right out of the gate. RPG mechanics are in the works to be installed. As well as a built in Cinematic editor. Allowing you to literally create your own machimania INSIDE the game! (if you have experience with mineimater.. you might really enjoy this)

 Considering that the game is not even close to being finished (there’s no official release date.)
its defiantly very exciting to see the amount of content they already have ready for Hytale.
Heck, There are a lot of youtubers and writers out there that are saying that this could be the Minecraft killer and honestly, I think I might have to agree with them. The biggest problem i see with Minecraft by Mojang is that, they really seem to be focusing the game to appeal more to the younger audiences. They made the game as simple as possible for young ones to enjoy. Which means there losing touch with there teen and adult players. heck im 38 and still play minecraft on an almost daily occasion. The only reason I still enjoy it so much is cause of the command block coding. There are a lot of youtubers who like me still in enjoy minecraft for other reasons. (source of income, big-time youtuber, server owner, ect...ect..but most my age tend to get tired of it cause of the lack of depth to minecraft.)

 But Hytale? Hytale appears to be fashioning there approach to appeal to the teen and adult audiences. meaning, they game play mechanics and visuals are a whole lot richer and deeper.
Hytale by Hypixel Studios is defiantly a game to put on your watch list.
I'm personally looking forward to seeing how this game develops and where they go with it. Im  even more curious to see how Mojang will respond to what Hytale is doing. Maybe some friendly rivalry will happen between the two? or perhaps some of the things hytale is doing right might inspire the developers over at mojang and find it's way into Minecraft? who knows. Only one thing i know is certain, I am really envying the new generation of gamers growing up that will get to have the time enjoy games like this. and the future of games to come after this....

I wonder what games will be developed inspired by Hytale?