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HOW -hacker

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this guy had force op because he had OP pot the death creative one then I cleared his inv then he got another one out of nowhere and got a command block his name is _PORNHUB_ he has a friend who might hack to called _CORNHUB_ I jailed pornhub but I didn't jail corncob because I got no proof
Posted Jul 1, 17 · OP
Review Team Admin
i met them. he's using hacks that ONLY work in teh creative world.
It allows him to hack in potions. Or use the /give command. he cant op himslf though

From here on out.. please dont jail any hackers unless there doing something to really harrass other players. if there fly hacking.. let me be.. if there walking on water.. let em be..

Only if there using those potions to annoy/harrass other players.
Or if there hacking during spleef or hide'seek. stuff like that.

Our recent batch of players have nearly all been hackers. We just dont have the player base to jail every new player that joins.

Once we get to 25 players then we can start cracking down on hacks and paying more attention to them.
but for now, let em alone if there not hurting anyone. Just keep an eye on em to ensurre there not trieing to
crash the server or something.
Posted Jul 2, 17
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