What are the RULES?
1- payouts are offered on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis.
There are a limited number of payments available each month. Payments are given on a first come first serve basis. If you are not able to claim the cash payout for one of the months you worked. Do not worry. Your points do NOT expire. You can simply claim one of the payouts the following month. Basically, the first to gain the points needed to claim the payout and then claim the item in the shop.. will get the payment that month. As the website becomes more popular i will be able to offer more cash payouts per month. Allowing everyone to get paid faster. Payments become available again exactly 30 days from when they were 1st claimed. So, if  "john" claims the cash payout on march 3rd, and "mary" claims the other cash payout on March 5th, then the cash payouts would be available again on those respective dates on the following the month.

2- payouts are only offered 1 time per month. Once its bought, you'll need to wait until following month.
3- BEFORE any cash payout is made. a Review of the members points is done.
    if any foul play is suspected or seen. (I.E. deleting posts and re-posting to get extra points.)
   The member will be become a 'BLACKBIRD' meaning, he wont be able to purchase 
    anyting with points again for SEVERAL..... SEVERAL months.
4- Review Team members may purchase any cash payout offered. with the points they earned.
     Occasionally i may offer extra payout rewards for WEBSITE STAFF or for SUBSCRIBERS only. 
5- All members of the community, May purchase a ticket in the Randomizer 3.0 Raffles when
     there made available.
6- 'Hooptiecoupe' reserves the right to cancel any cash payout for any reason at anytime.
7- All payouts are paid VIA 'PAYPAL' If you don't have a PAYPAL account, then you forfite 
     your cash  payout 
    and the prize will be made available again.
    ( some of your points will be refunded so that you can purchase something else in the shop if you want.)
8- Hooptiecoupe MAY consider sending out cash reward payouts via SNAIL mail
    GAMESTOP, or other such places. But ONLY IF the GIFT CARD matches the Cash Payout reward.
      (hooptiecoupe reserves the right to decline doing this if he chooses.)