hey everyone,

this is just a small update to let everyone know.
The website/company I used to display banners on the website is in the process of closing down.

There no longer places ads on partner websites and will be closing for good very soon.
I've gone ahead and remove the coding from the website since the site is no longer working.

I never really made any big money from it. It was just a nice little bit to offset cost of running the server/website.

With my new bussiness venture i'm looking to get paid pretty well. so, there really won't be a need for ads on the site any longer anyway. So, im going back to an ad free website design.
I really hope you guys enjoy.

My goal for this website and the server from the begining was for this to be a place to hang out for the minecraft community where you wouldnt have to fear that a moderator would come along and ban or tell you to shut up cause.. your "offending" someone.

This website does not claim to be ..and WILL never be a pollictally correct website.
Lets face it.. you post a comment.. you create a forum topic.. your goin[g to offend someone.. somewhere.. for some reason. People are sensitive to various struggles and issues.
But, that dosnt mean we have to all be quite and NOT talk about it.

This is a free to talk website.. non-moderated..or .. lightly moderated to stop the spammers.
For the most part, we should all continue to practice good to one another.. and be kind to eachother.. and just.. ignore the trolls and the haters... they go away if you don't feed them :d

Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying there week. Its going well here.
With any luck.. we'll be updating the server to 1.13 in the next 2 weeks!