hey everyone,

Due to a lot of personal stuff going I haven't been able to update or do adjustments much on the server as I wish I could.

Im working on a startup bussiness. Once it leads to a little more success. My plan is to hire someone to help manage the backend stuff on the server for me. So I can just focus on building and coding.

But, cause I can't afford a Server Manager yet.. I have to do it all :(
Anyway, I've updated the server to 1.13.2

All the plugins have been updated as of today.
there are a few plugins we've lost since they just haven't updated to 1.13.2

sadly, We've lost the following plugins:

- SHOPCHEST (it's been replaced with QUICKSHOP.. new command is: /qs)



In places of the cosmetic fun plugin, I've installed a new disquises plugin.
I'll be working over the week to update the permissions files. to allow people to purchase these disquises if they wont thru the server shop. or to even earn them from VOTE crates in the game.

Sadly, the plotsquared plugin that we've used FOREVER is nolonger working with 1.13.2
It also is not being updated.

In it's placed, i've developed a new system. The creative world is now MERGED with the PVP world. Its a bit complicated to explain how it works.. so i'm just going to assure that it works. :)
The plots world is still ON the server, the build sare still there. If you contact me via the server to let me konw you want to keep your plot, i'll move what i can over to the new creative plots and give you a free plot. Your Builds are safe. No Worries. The new createive setup is much nicer.

I'm working to adjust the system so that ranked plaers will be able to access Worldedit and voxelsniper. I should be able to implement that before january.

The /warp games area as been updated slightly to make way for futre additions.
The new games are MAZES and BUTTON GAME (1P)
These can both be found in the 1 PLAYER GAMES section.

I'll be desiging 2 player games soon to come. SPLEEF is broken. It'll will be updated when i get to it. :(

LPS (last Player Standing) is also in the works to revamped with a new style.
Your gonna love it. I'm in no heavy rush to make it since it'll require atleast 6 players to be able to auto-start it. we... really dont get many players on like we use to so i'm not in a rush.

The main focus right now is 1 player and 2 player games. to accomodate for our player size.
which is.. 0-4 at any given time. :)

Were soooo small time :d

No worries, this server is my personal baby. I have no plans to ever close it. Just... evolve an update it.

Can't wait for 1.14!!!