Article By: Patrick R. O'Boyle
1) Contest ends : 05/04/14 (04/05/14 for American style dates)
2) You have to build the arena on main world. Use towny to protect your claim (this is also how you will take credit for you work)
3) points will be rewarded based on:
landscape (choice of land claim area for you arena)
4) 1st place winner will get: 50 enjin points.
2nd place gets 25 enjin points.
3rd place gets 10 enjin points
all other contests will get cash rewards (ingame) based on the admins apperication of the builds.
Event starts now. Get Building
sangrei Thanks alot whoever deleted my arena Im out of it screw this!
SUPER_x_Sa1nTz Legend Hahahahahaha so far theres only me and sangrei that has made an arena
Reginald_Huffington Legend Only one day to go before the contest ends. You will get a reward no matter what so there is no reason not to enter.