Hexxit hunger games.

Patrick R. OBoyle Owner posted Apr 28, 14

Article By: Patrick R. O'Boyle

Congratulations to Sangrei for winning our first beta test for the L.P.S series.

we had a total of 3 people on for the games. but the battlefield was small, so It worked out.

everyone who played got 100 bucks

Next time, we will be playing LeveL 2. all contestants will get 250 just for playing.

the winner will get 5 enjin points, the famous Diamond Key, and the ability to store there loot for the next game.

storage lockers are almost complete, by LVL 3 you should be able to store your loot after the game to use on future rounds.

currently were at beginner. So Keep Inv. is on. but, at LEVEL 5, you will start losing your inv. on death.