Article By: Patrick R. O'Boyle

get your watchdogs apps when they come out and get ready!!!

Wensday I plan to be home doing paperwork and playing watchdogs for XBOX360 almost all day!(since its the only day for the next few weeks i'll have to enjoy it)

Feel free to TROLL ME HARD with the phone app, or join me in game if you have watchdogs for xbox360.

Im not sure how the MP setup will work. Friend me on Xbox if you get it.

IGN is: Hoop T. Coupe

Leave a comment below with your IGN and gameing platform if you want to be trolled by the community too :) the TOP TROLLER ...who posts pics and brags in our forums about there exploits in TROLLING me, or any admin or anybody that has the game in our community that posted to be trolled will win 25 enjin points :) Let the TROLLFEST BEGIN!

javiertzr01 I just completed the game XD
Reginald_Huffington Legend I have just realized I only have £11, no watchdogs for me then
Prince LegendGAMES!GAMES!V.I.P im loveing the crap out of it