Article By: Patrick R. O'Boyle

I will be uploading version 9 which is the 100% final product for the upcoming server tonight.

I also wanted to update everyone to let you know that the test server (so far) is running slowly but surely... im slowly adding the included mods to the test server to see how it will handle them.

then, i'll be adding the plugins.. and the final step will be to update everything to the latest builds before the server is ready to open.

Starting tonight, I will be sending out an email to invite all staff to apply as staff on the new server

There will be a new theard tonight as well for those that want to be whitelisted to help test the server and mods.

NOTE: all current staff are AUTO white listed. and any one who donated to support the mudpack/server will be whitelisted. anyone else will need to apply to be considerd.

please note, you will only be whitelisted if I think you can help TEST the mods/plugins for compatabilty. you will be given creative mode to play around with the mods until the server goes live and public in august.  Look for more information later tonight on how to join/apply

The IP address will be the same as the hexxit one. Hexxit will close on July 16th and become the new Custom Server.