Article By: Patrick R. O'Boyle

Don't be shocked... im starting to really advertise our community on several forums and sites.

we will possibly be growing before too long, so in an effort to make our site look more like a server listing site, it is now our homepage.

Registerd users are the only ones who will have access to The Homepage, which is used mainly

give people information about our personal server. upcoming events, things like for the community. un-registered users wont be able to access the page anymore. so its speacile just for the community. the  "FORUM" page is also just for registed users.

so its a place to talk freely with the community.

just wanted to let everyone know so you don't panic and think we were attacked :)

Prince LegendGAMES!GAMES!V.I.P Dangit hoop makeing me change my bookmark