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Let me just start out by saying.. The internet at my new home base SUCKS!

So, after weeks of getting kicked off due to bad internet issues. I FINALLY got a chance
to check out our Fellow member and reviewer Mr.Zybez's Simplicty Server.
It's not getting a lot of attention right now. And thats a realy shame.

What stands out to me.. Grabs my attention immediatly in ANY minecraft server i visit.
and what keeps me going back to the server again and again.. is How good the spawn is.

In ANY minecraft based server, If the SPAWN POINT dosn't grab my attention in the first
few minutes I'm likely NOT going to stick around.

What Mr.Zybez's server does to capture my attention is really nice.
Not only is the spawn fantabulous to look at. ( no.. i dont think thats a real word?)
He also did a good job with implementing NPC's that talk and explain the server really well.

Simplicty is a NON-PVP server. So, if your looking to kill and be killed, You'll need to
go somewhere else. This server is about the Joy of exploreing and base building with freinds.
According to Mr.Zybez, the server is 99.9% grief proof and is designed to be family friendly
for groups to get on and just 'chill' out and enjoying hanging out and building together.

To keep the server FREE TO PLAY, he emplys a very neat adlink display. It dosnt spam chat,
or distract you in anyway, The server just asks you to click on the link to show support for the
Server when you first log on. Then, thats it... no more bothering you...
in my time on the server, i never noticed any annoying chat popups like VOTE HERE!...
or BUY HERE! .. or anything like that. (which i personally HATE as it tend to detract from
normal chat and gameplay.)

Unfortunatly, my ISP was causing me to crash out beforei could review the
parkour aspect of the server. But, from what i've see from the video above,
it definantly looks to keep a parkour minecrafter entertained for a good 1/2 hour atleast
before heading out to explore