Minecraftguy614 as been with our community since the inception of the website. Since BEFORE we really were a community!

He was the 14th person to join our little click. Just to give you an idea, The website was formed on August 13th,2013. In the begining we were just setting things up deciding on the inital modules setting up the forums.. that kind of stuff. Killer313201 was the first person to join the website, followed by my cousin lorddoom1985 and then 'whitedragon3210'.

You might see those named used frequently on the server when im creating test mobs. In those days, Were were still working on getting the foundation laid for our HEXXIT server. I was still working on rules, server setup, things like that. From all my research i had done on starting up a Minecraft server i had become so afraid of letting ANYONE help me out in the begining that i really trusted NO ONE. no even the legendary SmokeTheif had garned my trust.However, minecraftguy614 is the FIRST person to garner my trust on the server thru the website. follow next by Reg_huffington and then later Super_x_Sa1ntz.
There were others as well that have gained my trust and freindship over the years.
But, Minecraftguy614 was the first to truly open up the doors to help encourage me to devlop this website and the server into something else to improve into something better. His advice & ideas have always been much appericated. So, i wanted to take a moment today to introduce you to a very cool minecrafter to know.

If some of you DON'T know who the heck i'm talking about. That is because minecraftguy614 as changed his name SOOOO many times since minecraft introduced name changing in 2015 that i could hardly keep up with WHO he was :)

You may recgnoize one of his other names that he has gone by:
Minecraftguy614, VoidSlayer, EtheralSlayer, DefinitiveZero, TheTurnip

In this article however will refer to him as DefinitiveZero since thats the name he's planning On going back to.

Definitive is a minecrafter who hails from the US of A and he's toooo lazy to have anyother hobbies outside of minecraft (his own worlds)

Along the way, DefinitveZero as worn MANY hats within our community.
He has been ad P-MOD on hexxit... moving up to ADMIN on HEXXIT and on our
Former B-TEAM server..He was also a teamspeak admin for a short time.
though, Luke30399 was also an admin on our T3 channel. They would troll and fight eachother too much. I had to remove one of them as admin. It was a tuff call. Sorry Definitive, luke just seemend to handle the teamspeak account better. :)

Back when i was making youtube video's with the comunity he was in a ALOT of lets plays and videos with us. This was one of my favorites:

DefinitiveZero was drawn to our community in the beginning because of Hexxit. Like me, he loved hexxit and needed a server to hang out on. this community seemed to be very kind (and still is) and he considered it a perfect fit for him. We had configured our plugins in such a way that made it very enjoyable to play on the server. Something else we also did...

We were the 1st server to use Multiverse as a way to load up secondary worlds. I was the 1st Server owner to litterally CREATE a new world a MANUALLY take the time to place dungon props all over the world. While other servers just turned this feature off. -Which was the largest reason for playing hexxit on a server with freinds.... the dungeons...- Due to CRASH issues whenever a server would attempt to load an area that had a dungeon prop in it. In SP mode it was fine, Every major server, from APEX , BLUESTONE, CHILLAX and JBL.. none of them had dungeons. This was a our BIGGEST Draw cause i found a way to allow dungeons! The funny thing is the owner of APEX gameing argued that it could'nt be done cause multiverse uses to much ram and would crash the server. However, Nearly 2 months AFTER i announced the use of multiverse to create pre-made dungeon worlds to explore EVERY OTHER major server was doing this now too on there HEXXIT server!

Since then, our community as gone thru a lot of refinements and cleanups ... and continues to grow and evolve. What DefinitiveZero appericates most those is our change from being a community SOLELY about the Minecraft ModPack HEXXIT and BTEAM to being about minecraft maps & mods, minecraft servers & plugins, and minecraft texutre packs. We even have opened up our doors now to talk about and showcase ANY survival Sandbox inspired game. Though, along the way we have lost a few great players/members because of these changes. For instance Sangrei and smoketheif.

At one time we ran a B-TEAM server and though were making a come back now with a B-TEAM server again, we lost a few great players and members after we had shuttered our doors on the B-TEAM server. cause it just wasnt getting enough players to warrent keeping it open anymore. :/ But, were making a comeback on that again so hopefully we be able to meet some more great minecrafters to hang out with and have fun pvping :D he's been known to do some pretty crazy trolling when he used to be an admin on our server. (pissed off a few of our younger players too cause of it.. i had to remove him as admin for awhile...) Back in the good'ol b-team days he would troll Reg_Huffington pretty hard by activating stuff and moving blocks to certain places that he won't notice. Reg_huffington didn't catch me until a day or two later. lol.

"B-team was crazy though i have done some pretty hilarious things and done some crazzzy stuff (Heheheh expect to see that if our modded server is b-team!) may i say roaming around in a Flans mod mech while morphed as a wither was funny? everyone feared me xD"

DefinitiveZero began playing minecraft while it was still in BETA 1.8. So he can no doubt tell you all about the changes that have happened to the game. How it as improved and how even how he's seen the minecraft phenomia explode like a wildfire! Of all the features that have been added to minecrat over the years, the one that he's most excited about are the 1.9 minecraft snapsthot changes to the PvP system such as the ability to push players off cliffs :D

When it comes to other games DefinitiveZero enjoys playing:
Garry's mod, Starcraft II, Halo wars, the fallout series
and well.. too many more to even mention.

I had asked him if there were any minecrafters that he look up to or that inspired him to continue playing the game but he really could'nt think of any. Though, he has always enjoyed DanTDM's youtube videos over anyone elses.

Frankly, i'm inclined to agree. While other youtubers were using gimmicks like weird voices, or just being stupid. DanTDM was one of the first youtubers to use a miencraft mob as his 'co-pilot', to talk normally in his videos, and to not be WEIRD and crazy.

I met DefinitiveZero thru our Hexxit server we ran back in 2013 which is a modded version of minecraft using the Technic Launcher. Like me, DefinitiveZero's favorite minecraft servers to play on are STILL modded versions of of the game. Espically really HARD versions. I think that's why he was drawn to us? Because i have always tried to create a difficult or HARD server to survive on. Where the player gets NO help from the admins other than directions to where there trieing to go. Though he dosnt have any particular server he enjoys hanging out he has been enjoying a minecraft server called CrowGaming recently which your welcome to check out your self by going here:

It's described by DefinitiveZero as being a "mature gaming community"

In the years that Definitive as been playing minecraft is only accomplishment (according to him) was that he built a 100x100 stone castle on his XBOX version of minecraft.
-i asked him if he had any pictures he could send me but he didnt have any sorry...-
Though, he may not be the best builder. He certainly is a very good freind and helper. And a Heck of a good PvPer. I've never been able to best him in a fight or a parkour challenge!

If you could meet ANYONE in the world (alive or dead) who would it be and why?
I would like to meet George bush and slap him in the face and say NO! BAD BUSH

As of the time of this article, DefinitiveZero's minecraft name was 'TheTurnip' which had to do with some kind of joke that happened on a teamspeak3 session he was on. Though he didn't allude to what the joke was. im kinding hopeing he'll comment down below on it cause im A LITTLE curious now!

Here is another minecraft community that our freind DefinitiveZero endorses and hangs out on frequently if your curious to learn more about them:

they were formerly called PSMC which we had done a Server Review on a long time back.
they got a B Rating from our before. Though, i dont know how there new setup fairs. I woudl assume there still a TOP NOTCH minecraft server community to join though
Thanks for taking the time to read our community spotlight.
Tune in next month when we sit down to talk with Reg_Huffington who is another
one of the Legends of our community!

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