Article By: Patrick R. O'Boyle

Its the time of year when everyone wants to be scared for some odd reason.
Well, thankfully for us minecraft fans theres plent of scares to go around.
I went searching around and found some interesting
minecraft maps, mods and texture packs as well as some
scary minecraft skins to get you in the mood to be sacred this month.
Hope ya enjoy!

Scary Minecraft Maps

Black Light - Minecraft Horror Adventure Map by: BlueGamerzTM

minecraft map - blacklight

Theres a video for this as well. but, honestly it might ruin some of your enjoyment of the map
if you watch the video first. I would recommend to just download and play it.

the overall look and feel of this minecraft map is extremely scary. Kind of reminds me of
playing old Silent Hill games. Its' definantly worth a play thru if you get a chance.

Halloween Theme Park By: TheGeekBarbie


A Theme park for all you evil minecrafters who just want to do evil things.
As far as the fear factor goes, its not crazy scray. But, the overall theme and
look of the map makes it a neat experince to explore and dig around in.

ScarySauce Pack 1.11 by: cool_story_bro

minecraft texture pack scarysauce


This minecraft texture pack as a very scary and dark overtone to it. The colors and hues are deep and darkly with a lot of oarnge hues to them.  Plus, its updated to 1.11 so you can play this texture pack with the latest version of minecraft!

I really love what the artist did with the moon , as well as the designs he put on ALL the mobs.
I know there still the same old zombies and creepers i've killed a million times before. But, after playing with this pack... i dunno. I kinda take a step back and want to run away from them a little bit. I mean, them zombies with them Big mouthes and big teeth. Yikes!

The Pumpkin Patch By: Stapleshotz


Picture of pumpkin patch minecraft texture pack

One of the most famous texture packs on The default steve skin is crazy scary. The colors and design are very medevil. It's recommened to use OPTIFINE to be able to take full advatage of the 32x32 graphics in this set.  It's been update to MC version 1.10

however, you can find the older version for minecraft version 1.8 as well on the download
page above.

Scary MODS for minecraft

Mo'Monsters By: G33K3

download: LINK

For minecraft version 1.6.2 You'll need the 1.6.2 version of FORGE to be able to play it
But, the mobs it adds into the game are definantly scary and will add to the fear factor of
minecraft if your looking to get some scares this month

Jack o' Lantern By Xeros2251

Jack o' Lantern minecraft skin

I was seaching around for a few scary minecraft skins and this one jus stood out!
I love the oarnge hues and the tatterd clothes. It'll def. scare your freinds pretty bad if you
sneak up on them in this skin!

Haloween man


The name says it all. Its a pumkin in a suit.
Its funny how even if your offering someone bread while dressed like this...
There going to be prone to run away screaming. What is it about pumpkins during
October that just scare the crap out of us :)

Haloween Girl


You KNOW i'm not going to leave all you lovely minecraft ladies out to dry.
I found this really cool minecraft girl skin that really emodies the essence of October.
Again.. with the scary Pumpkins..

Skeleton Suit By Crypsis


Ofcourse no Scary Minecraft Skin collection would be complete if there wasn't a
Skeleton skin in there would it? :)

Well, here ya go, these are just a few of the neat scary minecraft themes that i spotted.
If you find any other really scary minecraft maps, mods , texture packs skins or ... whatever
Comment down below for others to maybe check out.
Hope you enjoy getting the pants scared off of you this month.