Article by: Patrick R. O'Boyle

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Sean Murray as been rather quite for the past several weeks. Refusing to respond to any fan/player comments or questions about the game "not being right"

or "sean murray lied to us" kinda of trash. Which, personally, i think is a decent way to handle it. i mean, haters gonna hate. No need to respond to all the hate mail right? Besides, No mans Sky as definantly settelled down and found its niche fan base. The way that No mans sky was so hyped before its launched it really didnt surprise me that it recieived so much hate from the outside players who were looking in so to speak.

Rants aside, Theres a big freaking update that released for No mans sky on November 27, 2016 Being called the "Foundation Update"

This new update brings A LOT (and i mean a A... LOT of really cool changes to the core gameplay.

Here are 3 of the biggest:

image of no mans sky frieghter

1- You can now buy Frieghters to carry larger cargo. They can be like a homebase of sorts As i understand, your able to call your freighter to you from other solar systems. you can also travel the world in your large freighter.

Perhaps one day you can hook up with your freinds and own a freighter and travel together? Maybe another update?

base building example images in no mans sky

2- You can now build bases on planets and claim a "home planet" If you find an uninhabited base, you can use modular structures to make it your own -- including automated resource farming and storage so you don't have to traipse across the planet harvesting items. You can also hire aliens to research technology, and teleport to and from space stations. And did we mention that you can buy freighters, which serve as spaceborne bases that you can summon anywhere in the galaxy? If you hated the forced mineral-gathering marches that you experienced on launch, you might be happy with this alone. Thankfully, there's more.

hydroponics bay on freighter in no mans sky

3- The update is also introduceing Creative and Survival modes, in case you want to either remove restrictions or add an extra challenge while on hostile worlds. You'll see new biomes and star-specific resources, along with new equipment to collect rare goods. The interface has received a healthy makeover, too. There's a better quick access menu that helps you quickly switch to and interact with items (like charging your mining beam for example.). You can also now tack more items in a given inventory slot, get a clearer view of which minerals are nearby, quickly view your objectives and get a heads-up when pirates are nearby.

Visuals are also getting  a massive boost: there's both motion blur and temporal antialiasing options (at least on PCs), and lower-end PCs can enable texture streaming to lighten the burden on their systems.

On the PS4 side of things, The Developers have added a really neat photo mode to preserve scenic views for posterity.which means we might be able to google No Mans Sky Pictures and get a greater variety now from ones users have uploaded to the internetz.

Also mentioned in the update outline was the fact that more "LUSH" planets will now get created and less "DEAD" planets will be created/generated.

I think the most interesting reveal about this update was something i read on the offical Landing page mentioned below...

"and is a foundation for things to come. This is the first of many free updates."

ships landing on space freighter in no mans sky game

yeah.. so stay tuned all you haters...and stay tuned all you No Mans Sky Fans!

To read more on the update to No Mans Sky Version 1.1 check out the offical developer page @