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A great cataclysm has led to a brutal elevation of the sea level all around the globe. Today, you don’t really know if there is still a true “land” somewhere, but you know that this reef saved you after the disaster. you.. and also a crap ton of other people that probably want to kill you and take whats yours. Sounds like the sequel to waterworld dos'nt it? Well it't not. It's a Game that's been getting A LOT of bad reviews since it debuted on the Steam Network early access on April 9th,2016 called Hide and Hold Out

developed by Red Abyss Software, In the world of Hide & Hold Out, you are one of the survivors of the cataclysm which happened near the end of the 20th century.You'll have to  find yourself something to eat, materials and fuel to stay alive, to build yourself a home and to start building boats and weapons. The other players can be a curse in H2o, but they can also be a blessing as working with other survivors will give you the key to both safety and power... that is, if you can find any willing to work with you to survive.

The game had potential with this apocalyptic water wasteland, traveling was simple, survival was tense. However its biggest downside was that the underlineing code was just too easy to hack.

Not to mention that the map details both on land and underwater are, in a word, scarce. Survival is confusing since you will find mostly wood and steel but rarely any food resources except for the ones present in containers of other players. Traveling to different islands was relaxing with tropical trees, sun shining on your face and lovely sharks swimming underneath your boat.

Controlling a boat or a chopper is fun but it can get a bit tedious with swimming since the game does not allow you to dive more than a few inches under water. Plus your character is prone to constant shark attacks. Combat is bland as melee is the only option for damage since guns cannot land a hit even if you're just 5 feet away. Glitches in this game are way off and can waste the time of players but only in certain areas. Hackers can easily kill all characters within a server or mess around with  your inventory.

Yet, despite all of the issues, glitches and server hackers that the developer and game had to deal with. It still seemend like a promising title. However, over the past several months its become apparent that the developer Red Abyss Software as decided to abandon the title. Though they havent offically said this. The fact that they have not updated the game or there fanbase  with any news on whats going on, it as lead many to belive the game is dead. If there pulling a Sean Murray on there fan base, Now would be a good time to say something about what's going on. cause.. unlike no mans sky... there losing ALL of there player base.due to the bad reviews there getting on steam. As with ANY MMO, you NEED a playerbase or the game won't survive.

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Another issue facing h20 is that similar to minecraft, it relies on its fanbase to create private servers for people to play. But, there just NOT there.  very few people are running servers. In fact, that last real update to the game was on Sepetember 8th,2016 which fixed a few small bugs and a name glitch issue. But still did'nt fix the issue of not being able to find or craft food!

As a result, in the last few months, Several players have taken to posting very harsh reviews on steam to complain about all the hackers overrunning the servers. Even server owners are not able to stop them!

Cheaters and hackers exist in almost ANY Game, but this is far beyond playable. One reviewer mentioned how he had played on several very different servers ranging from PVE only, Official Servers, private PVE/PVP servers and on each server he found several hackers on at nearly ANY time of day WAITING to ruin his gameplay experince. He lost all his stuff from hackers flying through walls so often that he was forced to stop playing the game. The developer had noted in one of there recent patches that the anti cheat system was greatly improved yet that did'nt anyone since, many players were stating that they were losing there loot in less than  an hour due to hackers messing with the backend code.

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Though players should keep in mind the game is considered EARLY ACCESS. Still, Any game with CODING THIS EASY To hack and tear up should NEVER leave beta. To qoute one steam reviewer who had played the game for nearly 4 hours....

Hide and Hold out.... "its cancer "

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