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 The Original Minecraft EULA:

Report a minecraft server here: LINK

Mojang has started to blacklist servers that are openly violating the EULA after sending lots of emails demanding that the servers comply with their EULA. People running version 1.9.3 prerelease 1 or higher will not be able to connect to these servers. Attempting to connect to these servers will give you the following message.

 "Couldn't connect to server: Network is unreachable"

This message means that the server is blacklisted, and that you cannot join it.
Below is a list of servers have been blacklisted and cannot be joined in 1.9.3 prereleases. Please note that these are not all of the servers, as people are still working to decode the other encrypted server IPS. You can find the whole encrypted list here:
The list so far as of 05/01/2016 looks like this:

You can still access these servers if you are running version 1.9.2 or lower, but Mojang might backport the blacklist functionality into older versions, or make the blacklist server-sided, to make the backporting method non-working.
YouTuber KEEMSTAR has also uploaded a video discussing the issue with various server owners

There are no official statements from Mojang about this, and neither Minecraft Forums or Mojang has released any articles discussing this. However, a post about this blacklist came up on, but is currently inaccessible on my end.(meaning a moderator possibly removed it to silence conversation about it....)
This is a very controversial change, and has a lot of possible outcomes in the near future. Leave your opinions in the comments section below!

For the record, we here at HorizonCity FULLY support this change and are very excited to see what this will mean for smaller communites.

You can read a more a darker response on the situation that was written by a server own who refuses to comply with EULA enforcement  
by clicking here.




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