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Release Date: Summer of 2016


This game as been in development for quite some time. and as really started to gain a lot of momemtum in the past few months. It was orginally showcased at E3 2015. If your familar with PROTEUS then you'll understand the concept of this game. Shape of the world is A LOT like proteus but... with its own refinements.

The following information is from there kickstarter page which is 100% supported! They've also been greenlit on Steam so the game will be available for early access thru steam. If you want to keep up with when it will be Shape of the world will be available on steam you can follow there steam page here: LINK

Shape of the World is an exploration game where a rich and colorful world grows around you. Your presence is the driving force behind the procedurally populated environment as you establish permanent monuments to mark your journey.

Shape of the World builds on the ideas of experiential games like Journey, Flower and Proteus where health hearts and kill points don’t enter the equation. It’s an evolving world that grows with each step and hints at distant landmarks, encouraging you to delve deeper into the woods. Shape of the World offers a unique unfolding experience for those seeking an alternative to quest-driven adventure games.

There trailer consists entirely of in-game footage. It's not just concept art, it's meant to be played.

Exploration is a part of many games but never the focus. Shape of the World puts exploration first. Exploration is about the thrill of getting lost - that moment when you discover an area you've never seen before and you're not sure which way to go. Only when you're lost can you experience the pleasure of being found. It is your task to leave a trail of monuments that represent your journey and help you find your way.

Shape of the World is deliberately disorienting. The forest only materializes around you when you get close, and it regrows in a new way each time you pass. The game features a graphically compelling procedurally generated environment that shifts continually. What will you find when you retrace your steps?

Shape of the World is modeled with bold, minimalistic beauty. Our lead developer is a VFX artist and has created a world that mixes contemporary motion graphics with vintage poster and animation design.

Inspiration also comes from the place we live. North America’s Northwest coast has formed the basis of our art. We are fortunate to be surrounded by old-growth forests, even in the city of Vancouver, where you can leave your urban world behind and embark on a winding trail. We’ve found that the journey is always more compelling than the destination.

Shape of the World features integrated audio that responds to the player’s travels. The audio environment is a central component of the game, amplifying your experience of the world.

Equally inspired by the drone of classical South Asian soundscapes and the brightness of modern electronic beats, the soundtrack will provide an enveloping aural experience to match the psychedelic world. The full original soundtrack will be released alongside the game.

You can follow them on Twitter for the latest developments or take a look at there Dev Blog and Tumblr for entrancing art.

DEMO play thru and impressions by Polygon