Article By: Nicholas Bottaro

Source: Minecraft Forums news post and various other posts

Minecraft Forums forcing current users to sign up for Twitch accounts

Big drama has surface on Minecraft Forums yet again, this time about the decision of MCF forcing users to sign up for Twitch Accounts if they want to continue using the site. If you did not know, Curse(the owner of MCF) was bought by Twitch last year, and allowed current users the option of merging their current MCF accounts with Twitch accounts. It was purely optional, so most people did not mind the change.

However, on October 9th @ 11:22AM, a new news post was created with the title Merge your Minecraft Forum Account with Twitch. You can access the post by clicking the link next to 'Source' at the top of the page. If you do not want to view their site, the contents of the news post is linked below.

Last year Curse and the Minecraft Forum joined the Twitch family and subsequently, we have provided users with the ability to merge their Minecraft Forum account with a new or existing Twitch account. With Twitch account merging, we’re able to provide more streamlined account security, faster user support, and an easier log-in process. Now, we’d like to extend these benefits to all Minecraft Forum users.

Merging your account into a Twitch account takes less than a minute, and your Minecraft Forum nickname will remain the same. Your posts, subscriptions, messages and servers will be unchanged. After merging accounts, you’ll simply log in to the forum using your Twitch credentials.

Starting on the 23rd of October, all users will need to merge their Minecraft Forum account with a new or existing Twitch account. If you’d like to merge your account before October 23rd, you can do so via My Account then click Merge Accounts. If your account is not merged on October 23rd you will be unable to log in to the Minecraft Forum until you do so, however, your account will not be deleted.

Have any questions? Feel free to send me a Private Message, ask in the comments below or submit a support ticket. For a more in-depth overview of the merge process please visit the Twitch Merge FAQ.

According to the above post, all current users(including me) will have to 'merge' their MCF account with a Twitch account. Users that do not have a Twitch account will be forced to create one and merge their MCF account to it. If you do not merge with a Twitch account by October 23rd, you will be unable to log in to MCF account.

You might also be taken to a page giving you this message upon logging in to your MCF account.

The page above is mis-leading. It says you can merge your account with Twitch allowing you to use a single account to log in to both websites, making it seem like it's optional. However, it's not optional and will eventually be forced.

Now oviously this is something that many people did not expect and were not prepared for, which means that there is a lot of drama and negativity on MCF about this decision. Some of the posts people made are linked below that state their criticisms and hate towards the forced change. IF you want to read potential replies to said comments, you can click on the Username or time the post was created.

Mastermind - 10/9/2017 @ 12:30 PM

I was wondering, with the continual decline of forum quality over the past year, what would eventually be the reason I would quit posting altogether.

Gotta say, I didn't expect this one.

RobertFrans - 10/9/2017 @ 1:02PM

So if I don't want a Twitch-account, because I don't use Twitch, I can't log in here anymore? So this forum now wants to force me to share all my data with Twitch, while I here only want to discuss about Minecraft and thus have nothing to do with streaming video's?
It feels like not being able to buy bread from the baker anymore, because I don't want to go to the shoemaker he now works together with, while the baker keeps on insisting that the shoemaker really needs my data to let the baker keep on baking bread...

Well, I guess everything comes to an end eventually.

Builderb0y - 10/9/2017 @ 1:17PM

Why should I create a twitch account when I have no interest in watching or creating livestreams? I don't want to create an account for something that I'll never use. According to the FAQ site linked in the main post, the only benefit I get out of this is "not having to keep track of separate usernames and passwords", which isn't exactly a problem I had to begin with. The FAQ site also claims that merging is optional for MCF, as did the old post, and many people in the old post (as well as this one) hoped that it would stay that way. Why then is it forced now?

Jmaz24 - 10/9/2017 @ 1:27PM

This is honestly a pretty useless thing. Why do we need Twitch accounts for something that's completely irrelevant to anyone who's not a livestreamer? It just makes no sense to me to force a random merge onto us for completely arbitrary reasons.

AugiteSoul(Curce Premium) - 10/9/2017 @ 3:44PM

This is outrageous. You are outrageous. Yeah, I know that you're a part of Twitch now, but what will you do for people who don't care/use/like it? What's next, Minecraft Forums: Twitch Edition? (may be a good idea, idk) Just gonna do it soon because I have a Twitch account that I use sometimes. Else you're being annoying for everyone who isn't using it. Say bye to a lot of people, by the way. :mellow:

If you have read all of the above posts, then you will oviously know that A LOT of people hate this change. They see it as pointless, annoying, and a general inconvienence. Some people actually do like the change, since it apparently makes it simpler to log in to MCF, but said posts are usually hated on or drowned in the huge amount of comments.

If you are thinking of signing up for Twitch to merge your MCF account with it, then there are also a few reasons as to why you should hold off, which I will list below.

1) Potential Drama - This seems like a generic reason, but it has happened quote a bit in the past. If you know about Yandere Simulator, you will know that it was blacklisted from being streamed on Twitch. The developer of the game was never told why, until a bunch of his fans started attacking and spamming Twitch like crazy. Eventually it was found out that the game was blacklisted due to questionable content, like violence and nudity, and that they would not reconsider the game until it was completed(it still is not complete to this day).

2) BIAS with the Twitch Staff - This is another big thing that many people know about. If you are a big-time streamer, you can violate many rules without being suspended or blacklisted. Why? Because the staff are favoring you since you are making them money. On the other hand, games that are incredibly violent(Like GTA V) and clearly violate the rules are allowed on Twitch, since it makes them tons of money and the staff potentially are fans of the game. Big twitch streamers have also played games that clearly violate the rules(especially a game where the main character is naked and detailed), have not been shut down due to Twitch recieving big income, even though they have been reported by potentially hundreds of people. With the forced merge of MCF, the BIAS from twitch may spread to MCF and make the bad moderation even worse. You could potentially be banned off of MCF once the forced merge takes effect if you say anything negative about Twitch, like what happens when you say anything negative about MCF or Curse.

3) More Data Collection - Apparently twitch has already been collectiong plenty of data from MCF users ever since Twitch bought out Curse. Them forcing people to create Twitch Account and merge their MCF accounts to them clearly seems like an attempt to collect more data about the hundreds of thousands of users currently on MCF.

Overall, this forced decision has probably been the final blow to MCF that will result in it losing tons of users(especially top posters) as well as losing tons of popularity(not like that has already happened). I would not be surprised if MCF actually shuts down in the future due to all of the users leaving due to this forced change.

Well, I guess good things have to come to an end eventually...

DarkFireAUS Legend I tried to migrate my account but it messed up and now I don't have access to my MCF account anymore :/
Patrick R. OBoyle Owner Dang, thats messed up Itll be interesting to see how this change will affect what is considered one of the largest mc co...