Article By: Patrick R. O'Boyle

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The Wild Eight was developed by Eight Points and as been best compared to games Diablo, Don't Starve, Lost and the Liam Neeson movie, The Grey. It was first introduced to the world thru a kickstarter campaign on April 5th,2016
and on May 13th,2016 they had successfully raised over $59,644 bucks. Just shy of there $60,000 dollar funding goal. This is still an amazing acomplishment when you realize that they were able to get to less than $400 of there goal within 1 month of annoucning it. This kind of hype should certainly tell you a lot abou the game already in that,..
Its worth getting.

The Wild Eight is an unforgiving multiplayer survival game set in a stunning procedurally generated Alaska, full of mystery and danger.Your character will need to go out and hunt to prevent their starvation -- but if you return by nightfall and you've forgotten to split wood for the campfire, you'll freeze to death. Your characters have to learn everything from scratch, just as you would if you actually found yourself in a similar situation. There are strict rules to survival and if you don't follow these said rules, you'll die often and return back to the crash site as a level 0. Ouch.

Something that a lot of fans may appreciate is the ability to play the game as a solo campaign, something a lot of survival games don't do these days. But the game was designed with co-op play in mind. So having to rely on each other to battle the odds in the wilderness is definitely a big part of the game's appeal. If one of you dies, the other player can resuscitate him with a rare item drop, like a defibrillator. And you won't need to restart the game from the beginning again, which is a huge pain in the butt.

The Survivors of The Wild Eight
The game's eight characters are very important  to the development of the plot and all have something interesting to be said about them. Not only is each character unique in regard to their personalities, but their skills, too, which can be developed in a linear pattern through leveling.

Working together with the characters either in single player mode or cooperatively is the key to survival in The Wild Eight, but as the game progresses, you'll quickly begin to realize that you can't trust all the members of your group. This adds a layer of intrigue and tension.

The Story of The Wild Eight
There's a deep underlineing story to the game that, IF you survive long enough you'll get to enjoy and experince.. so, theres a large reward for learning to survive in this cold unforgiving landscape. As the story progresses, the game will be divided between the main campaign mode and the game's optional side quests. It is definitely recommended to tackle the side quests, however, because aside from expanding the story, the side quests are your only chance of achieving a good ending.

The world around you is procedurally generated, key location points in the story will be generated on the map as you play and unlock those sections of the story.. The side quests, though, will always be randomly generated -- the story related side quests will be generated equally distant from one another.

There are mutated monsters and more oddities to deal with than you might imagine, and your characters will come across a mysterious and sinister looking laboratory, cryptic messages and journals, and strange metallic noises in the distance.

Crafting in The Wild Eight
Your chosen character can craft items in two diffrent ways -- on the go and at the crafting station. The items you can craft on the go are basic weapons and flares, but at the crafting station, you have the opportunity craft upgradable items and more advanced craftables such as traps, customized back packs, bandages, and other equally useful items to help you survive.

Pulling It All Together
Personally, im a huge fan of top down, isometric style games. So, this is a big win to me to be able to play a nice survival game with this kind of viewing experince.  The cellshaded graphics are a really nice touch. And all that snow, just makes me FEEL cold even though its 80 Degrees where i am right now. The game just recently had 2 patchs almost back to back to fix some bugs and glitches that have been foudn with the wild eitght. So, expact there to be a few issues still when playing it. However, Since it's inital release on Feb. 8th,2017 its received a very positve score thru the steam network. Meaning, this is a good survival game that you can't go wrong with.