Article By: Patrick R. O'Boyle

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Recently, i noticed a new banner ad being displayed on my website advertising a
product called it appers on the surface to be a self-help guide on how
to run a successful minecraft server and make serious money doing it.

However, several RED FLAGS are noticed right away after doing some research
that i wanted to bring to everyone's attention in-case your looking to buy into this possible scam.

1- adam is the owner of but dosnt mention this.
2- violates the EULA and as been blacklisted in the past.
3- one of the server owners mentioned isn't real. the server is. but the owner is not.
4- Fake reviews. Book as been available 3 days, yet people have been using it 2 weeks?
5- STOLE its kitpvp from the owner of
6- is known for artifically inflating there player count numbers.

1- "adam" who claims to run a successful minecraft server is non other than
the owner of "SCIATIS" quick search on the forums reveals sciatis talking
about and admiting that he created it. Also, another major clue is that Sciatis recently changed his main youtube account to ""
There all owned by the same person. Adam AKA Sciatis.
The big red flag here is, How come he dosnt just come out and say that?
IS a fairly successful minecraft server. (not on par with hypixel, or mineplex fame but.. there up there.) He ushually averages around 300 players per day. Which, is fairly successful in terms of server sustainability. However, he fails to mention this bit of info. But,
"SCIATIS" is quoted as saying that act's as your partner in success.( as if SCIATIS was a seperate person not affiliated with

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2- is KNOWN for violating the EULA and as had there server blacklisted on the minecraft listings once before. After getting there server removed from the blacklist it looks like he's back at it again with the same EULA violating tactics in his shop that got him blacklisted before. Somone who gets there server blacklisted and violates the EULA is probably NOT someone you should be taking advice from on how to run a successful minecraft server. You espically should not be paying adam money for his advice.

3- of the people quoted on his website as apperntly using the product,
one of them does not apper to be a real person. ALE of is NOT the owner of
that server. on top of that, that server is fully in spanish for spanish speaking people. I attempted to contact the owners InceDev and GabbiGalber but was not able to get anywhere
without google translate since they don't speak english. On top of this, they hadn't heard of nor had they been contact by adam regarding any free copies of his self help guide.
These are just 3 red flags that i found while doing some quick research.
apperntly, none of his admins or mods have been able to see the book or received it for free to look over. on the forums people are seen saying they'll check it out. but, no one is responding saying that they have and what they liked about it.

4- All of the reviews are 100% fake
Here is why i say this. this website hasn't even been offically advertised by about 3 days. he made the offical reveal on Saturday may 27th,2017 Yet. one of the reviewers who gave a 5 STAR review said he was able to earn $920 bucks in his first 2 weeks trieing these methods.

Wait? so this product as been on the market for 3 days, yet someone was able to use this methods to earn 920 bucks for 2 weeks already?! time travel? Another said they bought they guide " a few weeks ago" and were seeing a $285 dollar profit already.  WOW! thats incredible that an e-book thats barely 3 days old is able to help people earn money from 2 weeks before i came out.  

5- To top all of this off. The owner of adam admitted to stealing his KITPVP map from's kitpvp server. he was confronted by the owner of but never removed the map from his server. (however, as recently gone thru a revamp after being closed for several months for unknown reasons.)

6- On yet another side not regarding the "successful server" that adam runs, is KNOWN for fudging its player count numbers to make it apper as if MORE people are on the server than there actually are. The reasons for this are pretty obvious. More players always bring more players. so, if you make it look as if you have a lot of players on your server... well, more players will join.  This is no doubt a tactic that he will mention or  teach you about in his e-book if it IS a real e-book.
I recently hopped on yaymc. At the time, the server launcher said the player count was about 250. though, after checking all the lobbies and counting players per lobby. the actual number was more like 123.
Still a large and impressive number for any small time server to be proud of. Though, that would hardly be anywhere near the claims that adam says his e-book will help you bring in. e-book logo

The question is, are these under handed tactics the kind of tactics you want to learn to temporaily earn income with your minecraft server? In the short term they may seem like great ideas. But, in the long term its not very sustainable since the WORD will get out in the minecraft community about your tactics and people will stop visiting your server. Which is exactly what happend with Very few people actually go onto his server due to the under handed tactics that he uses to advertise and fake his player count.

My advice would be BUYER BEWARE. it is in fact highly recommend NOT to buy this self help guide as the price is waay to high @ $34.99 currently for this e-book.

Several people have come out on  claiming that adam is a greedy owner who will do anything for a buck. This does not sound like the kinda of person i would want to personally take advice from on how to run a successful server.

NOTE: the book says its discounted from about $90 dollars. This is a common sales practice use THRU OUT's server shop as well to make you think your getting a good deal. The price will always be $34.99 or perhaps lower with a markdown showing $90. Its a common sales tactic to help you think your getting a good deal.

Nicholas Bottaro Legend Good catch. I normally do not trust e-books making these claims unless real people have used and written reviews about s...