Article By: Nicholas Bottaro

Source: Mustapha

Mineplex Moderator ADRIANNAA Demoted for Alting, Hacking, and leaking private information

Update on 7/6/17 @ 1:42AM - The first video exposing the Mineplex Moderator ADRIANNA for alting and leaking private information has been removed by YouTube for apparently violating there rules? It appers more likely that that Mineplex fanboys spam flagged the video until it was taken down.

Update on 7/10/17 @ 12:30AM - The first video is back up after Mustapha disputed the takedown with YouTube. Mineplex fanboys and staff have failed yet again at attempting to save what is left of Mineplex's reputation.

Brand new drama has risen in the Mineplex Community recently when it was discovered that a moderator named ADRIANNAA was exposed for using alt accounts to hack on Mineplex. The moderator was exposed by Mustapha in his 500 subcriber video, which you can watch below.

The video above contains undeniable proof that shows the moderator ADRIANNA admitting that she uses alts, as well as claiming that she has unlimited alts, and that it takes her 45 minutes to get another working alt account.

The video above also exposes her for giving other players ban information. In case you do not know, ban information about other players is private information that only the Mineplex Staff is allowed to see, and leaking it ususally results in immediate demotion and a perm-ban.

xTurtle has also made a video about this situation, which also contains updated information about the situation with the demoted mod.

All of this stuff happening recently in the Mineplex Community makes you think about what the other Mineplex Moderators could be secrety doing when they are not Moderating the server or doing their job. Heck, some of the hackers you see on Mineplex now-a-days could actually be Moderators using alts.

Overall, this gives the Mineplex Mod Team a bad image, and the exposed player will most likely not be able to get a Moderator Position on another server for a very long time.