ARTICLE BY: PATRICK R. OBOYLE    "Change it is a coming...."

In case you haven't been keeping up to date.
Mojang is hard at work on the next big minecraft update. So far, we only know it
as minecraft 1.13 and it appers to be a cleaning up update. Minor changes in a few commandblock coding systems (derp) and now.. an interesting update in the visuals.

Jens Bergensten recently announced thru twitter that  Jasper Boerstra as joined the team at mojang to help fix up the pixel art in minecraft. This may come as a shock for many newer minecrafters who have become used to the now iconic default textures. But, this is'nt the 1st time that the default minecraft texutres have been updated. (does anyone recall the gold and iron blocks? yuck..)

Personally i don't see the change in iron blocks. Its too minor to notice.
The Obsidian blocks are definantly being altered. Though, this likely is not the final product.
They apper to be testing out ides to see how the community likes them.
The new Birch Tree pixel art is looking  a bit better. Though, a little too fuzzy for my taste.

                   "Obviously this will be a process, but I think it's important to try it out before kneejerking because it's different " - Jeb_

 The Iconoic obsidian texture has had the most noteable change to it. The new look seems.
almost fuzzy to me.  to quote one twitter user: ... "Obsidian looks too busy now "

 The now iconic red brick designs apper to have gotten a little more softer detailing in the coloring. Again, to me the new artist Jasper Boerstra appers to be attempting to make a slightly  a fuzzy effect to a lot of the texture designs. I wonder if any of this is for the upcoming 4K update that will be coming to consoles later this year?

The Jungle doors and Jungle wood also have received an interesting update. Which personally i love. I think the new jungle doors look much better tahn before.

Something else i seen thats interesting in this picture is that i tlooks as if the cauldron
as been given a minor texture update as well?

After getting some heavy feedback from the twitter community about the changes to the brich blocks.. jasper made an update and changed them to this...

                           "I agree the Birch was to blurry and yellow! What do you think about this one?" - Jasper Boerstra

The new style certainly appers much softer and cleaner.(which was the compaint i had made earlier in this article about the new look of the birch trees.)

Diamond blocks got an update as well...

Then.. it got a 2nd update.....

 Personally i'm hopeing that they go back to the 1st one. It looks really cool.

Something i found very interesting is that a twitter user by the name of Hai-ku_Sho-gi/hard g is quoted as saying this about the new texutres
"it feels like a completely different style tho? it looks nice, but you would need to change everything else to match..." of which Jeb_ replied with a simple "yes" and then a winking face emoji. This hint was later confirmed by Jasper in a tweet which read "Jeb already stated; We're updating all the blocks!" he then later replied that the updated texture designs would apply to ALL current versions of minecraft. (to clarify this dosnt mean past versions.. but instead.. console, pc ,windows10, pocket versions) with the exception of couse to terracotta blocks which jasper as stated won't be getting updated since they already "look so great!"

Yes my fellow minecraftians, If appers it will soon be time to say goodbye to yesterday and the now iconic grass, stone and trees we've come to love. Though, i can hardly complain i mean.. i play with a texture pack 99% of the time. to be honest, i'm not much of a fan of the default look of minecraft. It's certainly going to be interesting to see the new snapshots when there ready which will no doubt be showcasing the NEW default texture designs.

This is a contiual work in progress. Jeb_ and the team at mojang are listening to your feedback thru twitter and possibly reddit as well.

 From the looks of it so far the Obsidian Blocks have gone thru atleast 2 changes. My personal favorite are the new diamond block textures. I really hope they decide to stick with the 1st design that Jeb_ as shown off on his twitter account.

No doubt someone will create a "1.12 Default Minecraft Pack" to harken back to the more orginal iconic designs many have come to love. Just like a few texture pack makers developed an ALPHA Minecraft Texture pack set for those that want to go back to by-gone days of minecraft when gold and iron blocks were a simplier texture.

Stay tuned and get ready for the next big change to minecraft guys and girls.

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