Article By: Nicholas Bottaro

Minecraft Better Together Update released - Plagued with major glitches

The Better Together update has just been released for Xbox One, Windows 10, and Smartphones. I have not included the Switch Version because it has been posponed until Winter, probably so Nintendo can look through the code to find any explits that could be used for Homebrew.

If you do not know what this update is suppose to do, it is suppose to unify all of the seperate editions into one game called 'Minecraft'. The unified edition is build off of the Bedrock Engine, which is what powers the Pocket Edition. It also allows all of the seperate consoles to play together online with the use of a Microsoft Account, as well as be able to purchase DLC from the Minecraft Marketplace. PS4 does not get these benefits though, since Sony did ot accept Microsoft's cross-platform deal.

The update also introduces a few new features, like official online servers, commands, new blocks, and better performance.

Now that I've mentioned what the update mainly does, it's time to actually talk about the major glitches that is currently plaguing the Better Together update. Some glitches are minor and can be shrugged off, while some of them are major and either break your world or prevent you from progressing.

One of the big glitches is that you cannot join any servers that are not "official" due to Microsoft Accounts being required for ANYTHING online, even LAN play. This has caused servers like Lifeboat to lose tens of thousands of players, especially since when using a Microsoft Account, your IGN can only be 15 characterstics long, in which many people have IGNs over that limit.

I would not be surprised if this was a scheme created by Microsoft to block out servers that would most likely beat the "official" servers, since the current "official" server lineup currently available is not that great or extensive at the moment.

Below are some quotes of people that have been complaining and sharing their own experiences about the new update. These comments also show that the update is way more glitchy than you may have first though...

AK_x_Zombie on Minecraft Forums - 9/21/2017 @ 5:22PM

Terrible update, took me an hour to transfer my city/faction world from XB1 and when it finally finished I ran into a ton of issues. I spawned in a random spot that was nowhere near the location I set it to. Parts of my world were clipped and missing everywhere. Me and my friends cities were nowhere to be found. It took me a while but I found my main city which was thankfully intact, but my friends cities were completely cut from the map and were just random biomes.

Other complaints

-Constant crashing

-Awful FPS

-All of my skins/Texture packs were locked(fixed now)

-Terrible controls

Pretty much everything @Alpha131 said

Not happy at all, looks like Im staying on XB1 edition

As you can see from the above comment, the player's world got corrupted when he/she attempted to transfer it to the Better Together update, resulting in a lot of the stuff he/she and their friend built being gone or corrupted. It doesn't make anything better when you have to wait an hour just for your world to be corrupted.

Here is the comment from the user that AK_x_Zombie mentioned in his comment.

Alpha131 on Minecraft Forums - 9/21/2017 @ 4:21PM

This update is terrible. All my old Xbox one worlds are corrupt.

Before on Xbox i had gamma on full, now i cant and dark oak is completely black.

The crafting menu is so much more complicated.

Cant pick a stack of items up from your inventory and throw them onto floor for someone, must be dropped one by one.

Flying around requires another button to go down instead of pointing down.

The user interface is too cluttered and complicated.

Co ordinates are not on the map

Really bad FPS

Im already going back to Xbox one edition.

Yikes, all of the above commenter's worlds were corrupted, meaning that this can't be an isolated case. I can't imange updating to a new version of a game and all of your previous progress to become corrupted and lost. We can also see that the user is unable to change the gamma to maximum anymore, and is also experiencing bad FPS for no apparent reason. There is also the usual complaints about the controls being bad, and the UI being a downgrade.

Here is another comment from a user that has started a new world on the Better Together update, showing a pretty bad issue that is preventing him from progressing.

dmMatrixx on Minecraft Forums - 9/22/2017 @ 3:07PM

Weird Question...


Apparently in Survival Mode all of the stone tools now require regular stone to craft and not cobblestone?


So I figured, "hey, I guess I'll smelt the blocks in a furnace to get stone" but then, the furnace now requires regular stone as well????


How can you progress at that point? Literally no way to go any further in the game if you can't craft stone tools or a furnace. Maybe I'm crazy and missing something?


Xbox One Edition

From this comment, we see that the Stone Tools and Furnace require normal stone for some odd reason. Unless you manage to find a Village or a Pickaxe with the Silk Touch on it, you will not be progressing anytime soon. Not even sure how a glitch like this could pass a game's testers, that is if the update was actually tested during development.

There are probably a lot more comments or reviews that explain even more issues about the game, but these issues seem to be the biggest. Surprisingly, Google Play and the Apple App Store do not seem to have many reviews that point out the issues with the update.

I expect that Mojang is currently working to fix these game-breaking issues at the moment, and a new update should be released soon which patches all of these horrible glitches that have ruined people's experience with the update.

Patrick R. OBoyle Owner Wow, thats crazy about servers having to be offically approved.? Didnt see any other articles posting info about that. ...