Article By: Patrick R. O'Boyle

Ever since Virtual Reality started to really hit the mainstream one of the first that all gamers of this generation said was... "can i play minecraft on it?" That sadly, as not happened yet.

While it true there are some programs that will allow you to emulate your minecraft experince thru virtual Reality. The truth is, Mojang simply as not designed there game to run on VR yet.

Cybubevr landscape with flowers

Enter Cyube VR. Launched just a few months ago in January of 2018. This game really is'nt getting that much fanfare yet. Which is very sad because this really is what you would want if you played minecraft in VR. Although, the fanfare it IS getting is VERY positive from the steam community, which i think really speaks volumes for CyubeVr

I know the first thing that 90% of the minecraft fanboys are gonna say is ... "ugh.. just another ripoff or.. clone of minecraft." And on the surface, it MAY look like a straight rip off or clone.

But really, this is a term that is thrown around way to loosely in the gaming world among the younger newbies of gamers. In reality, CyubeVR is a game inspired by the blockbuilding genre. Which became popular due to the rise of minecraft.

CyubeVr introduces some very nice mechanics that make it easy to pick up and learn. 
One of the things that i personally like is that there is NO crafting interface!

cyubevr user holding htc perhipals for VR

Instead, you build tools and items simply by picking up materials and placeing them in certain patterns on the ground or however else.This concept ends up making the crafting part of the game feel a little more realistic.. really taking advantage of all the VR as to offer.

Another nice aspect is the visuals. You won't find any zombies running around, but you will find deer that you can stalk and kill for food.

The graphics are definantly high resoultion HD. Much better to enjoy that trieing to focus on pixelated graphics in front of your face.

cyubevr treasure chests with landscape in background

Pick it up on Steam today for the HTC VIVE and many other VR headsets: