Article By: Patrick R. O'Boyle

  Sure, you could survive in a zombie apocolypse. You could even survive in a wilderness with dinosaurs all around you. Heck, you could survive in space. These are all scenerios that are most common in just about every survival sandbox game out there. But, have you ever thought about how you would fare surviving in the open waters? No land. Just pure ocean all around you.

  Bermuda lost survival wants to introduce you to a diffrent kind of survival, the openworld Ocean sandbox. In my research i've found very few games that actually use this since, well lets be honest.. who wants to look at an endless ocean all day? Some games pull off this scenario very well. But that's also cause they rely heavily on the underwater exploration aspect - For instance Sub-Nautica- Others eventually have you finding land. But in Bermuda lost Survival there is NO land. Its JUST water. massive amount of water. thats ALL your going to be looking at.

"The overall reaction for this game is very positive according to steam feedback"

You start the world on a rubber floating life raft. Eventually manageing to save up enough drift wood to create your own floating fortress there ends up being a lot to create and do to help you survive in the ocean with all that driftwood you keep finding. Eventually you unlock the ability to dive INTO the ocean and explore for materials as well possibly find mysterious secerts of the Bermuda triangle.

On Dec. 20th, 2017 this game received a huge overall to its graphics engine. The graphics and style are now much more on par with games like FAR CRY or sub-nautica. In the end your still.. stuck on a raft. How you got stuck on that raft is never really explained. If you ever find land, well... you'll have to play it to find out. There are some interesting concepts like factions that guard various bermuda secrets. you'll need to craft weapons to defend yourself against attacks from these "pirates of the bermuda"

heres a little breakdown of the features to perhaps 'wet' your appetite
for bermuda lost Survival


⦁ Open World
Bermuda – Lost Survival plays in an open world sea scenario containing sectors with different reefs and individual resources. Since a sector never contains all resources, you must plan strategic outposts and optimize your crafting chains and travel routes.

⦁ Dynamic Ecosystem
Each reef in the game has an individual ecosystem that is affected by your actions. Observe the wildlife’s reaction and keep the natural balance as your life depends on the reefs natural supplies!

⦁ Progressive Gameplay
As you progress further, the game focus will shift: Crafting and building plays a very important role in the beginning. Your next step will be to explore deeper waters and find out about Bermuda’s myth. But your activities in the depths will not stay unnoticed!

⦁ Exploration
Upgrade your equipment and prepare for the depths! Visit impressive wrecks and ancient structures. Search them for unique artifacts and hints that might lead you to the myth of the Bermuda Triangle.

⦁ Combat
After drawing too much attention, a hostile faction guarding Bermuda’s secret will find you. Take action and fight for your survival!

The overall reviews and reaction from the STEAM community for Bermuda lost Survival as been very positive. Very few negative reviews exist about this game. Even with it being in an "early access" state of gameplay it still gets quite a bit of good fanfare around it. Its def. a game worth checking out for yourself.Keep in mind though that it's still being slowly developed and will likely take a year or more before its fully fleshed out.

go check it out on steam and try it for yourself: LINK