Article By: Patrick R. O'Boyle

Jaws of Extinction is definantly a game to add to your STEAM WISH LIST
and keep a close eye on. There is far to much to information about this game to really go into in this small article. My goal is to hopefull draw your attention to a game that is flieing low under the radar right now, when it really should'nt be.

Developed by KYE Creations  and slated for a 2018 release date thru
STEAM's website. jaws of Extinction at first glance could be written off as just another Zombie Survival clone of another game.. game.

JoE Steam Engine train on a Track along a curved road.

However, when you look a little deeper under the surface you see that Jaws of Extinction manages to build on top of its predecessors adding in new content that many of the older titles (like dayz or h1z1 fail to add in...)

One of the bigger addition/concepts that i appericate is that there are real consequnces if you choose to run around and just grief and troll other players.
For instance, everytime you kill someone a negative point gets added to your charector stats. Dip to low and you'll other players will easily be able to see that your not to be trusted. You might even been refused entry into various
"cities of refuge" or trading port areas. Meaning that once you start down the path of being a rader, your pretty much limited to doing just that to survive.
Scavange, steal, loot and kill other players. Choose to stop doing that, and it  will take time for your reputation to return to a level that allows you access to various safe trading zones around the map.

JoE Zombies walking at night in a forest on a trail barely lit be light poles

Another neat feature i like is that the weather is dynamic. meaning it changes over time. You will need to adapt to the climate changes in order to survive.
Wear a good coat in the winter or freeze, strip down to your shorts in the summer or suffer from heat exhaustion.

The team over at KYE Creations is working hard to add in animals that will respond dynamicly to your interactions with them as well. That bear might chase you and kill you. Or, he might just leave you a lone. Who knows!?

JoE cabin on a hill with a bridge over a creek leading to it.

Another KEY feature of Jaws of Extinction is that it actually has a story!
Very... VERRRRY few survival games these days actually take the time to work on a real story to tie things together. It seems most survival sandbox games these days of gone with the simple approch of just letting you loose with your own devices in the sandbox world telling YOU to make a story with your freinds.
But, what if you don't have many freinds. Or, what if your not very creative when it comes to telling stories? What about those of us who want to play a survival game that HAS a story (like in the old days,... resident evil, The Forest, red dead redemeption...state of decay..ect..) JoE promises to deliver a storymode that can player in single player, multi-player

Joe soldier on fire

There really are just so few open world survival sandbox games that actually tell a story.Most just give you a general goal and tell you to go figure it out. Personally, i think that the storyline is really what could make or break this game. Since the story would be adding in something that so many survival games have been slacking in the last few years.

Look for Jaws of Extinction to come out sometime in 2018 thru the STEAM warehouse.