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Vote everyday and Reap the Rewards! Trade Vote Points in For COLD HARD Cash!

Server Lists
  • Planetminecraft.com
  • minecraftlist.org
  • minecraft-mp.com
  • minecraft-index.com
  • mineservers.com
  • topmclist.com
  • mc-servers.com
  • mc-list.org (press ENTER after typeing your name)
  • mcserverstatus.com
  • minecraftforum.net
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How do you get paid?
You can claim the cash payout by clicking on the "SHOP" tab in the menu above. You will need to have a PAYPAL account in order to receive payments. All payments are made with 48 hours.

How do you earn points?

Submit a Minecraft MAP Review.

Submit a Minecraft MOD Review.

Submit a Minecraft TEXTURE  PACK Review.

Submit a Minecraft Server Plugin review.
Did you find a really cool minecraft map, mod or texture pack and what to tell other people about it? If it is not already posted on our REVIEW Forums area, feel free to start a thread about it and offer your personal review. If you use the proper format (and it is not already in our reviews List) you will get 10 Points.
If your offering an updated review for a Minecraft Map, mod or texture pack you will receive 5 points after your review is approved and the thread is updated.
(reviews can be good or bad. But, they need to be well written.)

You can find a list of trusted places to search for mods, maps and so forth here: LINK

Write an article for our SURVIVAL SANDBOX NEWS page.
If you enjoy writing articles about games. You could help to write an article for our front page.
the points payout is based on the article written. I am willing to pay as high as 250 points for a good review.
again though, this is at my discretion as to what i'm willing to pay (points wise) for the article that you send me.
If its just a copy/paste from another website then i'm not going to give out that much in points since thats something i could have done.

VOTE for the Community Server.
You Will need a minecraft account to be able to vote for the server.
You can purchase a minecraft account thru
the offical website for the game here: LINK.
This would allow you to gain points a lot faster to earn the cash payouts a lot quicker.
For every Vote you make, you will receive 2 points.
If you vote 70 times within a 7 Day period. you will get : 50 points

If you vote on ALL Sites 25 days within a 30 Day Period you will get: 250 Points.  (14times a day for 25 days out of 30 days.)
There are currently: 14 Server votes sites you can vote at.
Vote by clicking on the 'server lists' seen on the left of this page. and then clicking the "vote" button.
after going to the vote website, you will simply need to enter your minecraft username and click the "vote" button.

Voting on all sites takes aprx. 15-30 minutes of your time. You can literally earn all the points needed for the smallest cash payout
by voting 3-4 days a week, which would likely make you the TOP weekly & TOP monthly voter easily earning you over 750 points per month.

Apply for the Review Team.
To join the Review team, go here: LINK and click on 'website staff' and then 'Review team'.
Review Team members are people who are able to write very good reviews on various minecraft maps and mods. As a reward, There given 10 points per post. 
They are also give exclusive access to post straight to the offical thread areas for various maps and mods. (the non-user submission areas) Review Team members
can be trusted to write good and honest articles for the community and do not need much supervision. As a result, your able to gain points a bit faster than everyone
else to get paid faster.

Become a VIP,VIP+,MVP or MVP+ Member.
This is a really good way to not only support the community but to allow me to be able to offer higher payouts.
You can purchase this thru our SHOP found in the menu tab above. The more subscribers we have to the website, the more
payments i am able to make. Basically, this is like a community cash pool.

You can almost consider this like a  savings account. Since, at some point in the next 11 months your going to
be able to win a cash payout.
Once purchased, every month AFTER the inital purchase, you will receive
250 Points. You can save up these points to buy the $30 cash payout or any of the higher
payments.  Some cash payouts are only available to subscribers. (such as the $100 dollar cash payout)
Or use the points to enter into raffles for higher payouts as there available.

Play Minecraft, get points
If you enjoy playing minecraft, the you can hop on the community server and earn points in a few diffrent ways. Once your on the community server found at: s26.hosthorde.com:25657 do: /rewards and you will see 3 diffrent ways to get points online.

Economy Reward: $1,000= 1 point
VOTE Reward: 5 votes = 1 point (this is in addition to the points you already get for voting.)
Hourly Reward:  2 Points can be claimed every hour on the server.

Why do you do this?

One of the KEY reasons why i added the minecraft mod, map and texture pack reviews, is to combat all of the BAD websites out there that literally STEAL mods and maps away from the creators websites or forums by 'hosting' the downloads on there own sites. They then falsely advertise these maps or mods as being for versions of minecraft that they are not. Several of these sites actually add malware and spyware to the orginal mod or map makers download files. Then, unsuspecting minecrafters not only get there computers infected or information stolen. But they also get frustrated because there attempting to use a mod or map for a version of minecraft that it does not support.

Try to use the IndustrialCraft 1.5.2 mod on minecraft version 1.7.2 and it won't work. Yet these sites are saying it does. Simply so that they can get viewers and 'website hits' I started adding information here as a way to counteract all these BAD websites to give the minecraft community a TRUSTED place to find maps,mods and so forth.

Some modders or map makers only post to reddit, or planetminecraft.com or minecraftforum.net or minecraftmaps.com There are only a handful of known and trusted minecraft community sites. And some minerafters ONLY post to 1 or the other. So, our site attempts to be a go between for all those sites. However.. REDDIT,MCF,PMC & minecraftmaps also have very strict post rules or they are heavily moderated. This site allows minecrafters to post maps and mods and soforth without fear of being 'moderated' (trust me, its highly annoying to many..many a minecrafter to have your map or mod removed becaause a moderator didn't like it or because you mentioned a minecraft server in the information...ect...ect...)

In nutshell, i do this cause i love the minecraft community and want to make it better. Cause i'm tired of all the rules that stifle conversations and prevent the community from talking about whatever they love the most. Cause i'm tired of minecrafters getting scammed from false sites.
Thats why i'm doing this.

What are the RULES?

1- payouts are offered on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis.

There are a limited number of payments available each month. Payments are given on a first come first serve basis. If you are not able to claim the cash payout for one of the months you worked. Do not worry. Your points do NOT expire. You can simply claim one of the payouts the following month. Basically, the first to gain the points needed to claim the payout and then claim the item in the shop.. will get the payment that month. As the website becomes more popular i will be able to offer more cash payouts per month. Allowing everyone to get paid faster. Payments become available again exactly 30 days from when they were 1st claimed. So, if  "john" claims the cash payout on march 3rd, and "mary" claims the other cash payout on March 5th, then the cash payouts would be available again on those respective dates on the following the month.

2- payouts are only offered 1 time per month. Once its bought, you'll need to wait until following month.

3- BEFORE any cash payout is made. a Review of the members points is done.
    if any foul play is suspected or seen. (I.E. deleting posts and re-posting to get extra points.)
   The member will be become a 'BLACKBIRD' meaning, he wont be able to purchase 
    anyting with points again for SEVERAL..... SEVERAL months.

4- Review Team members may purchase any cash payout offered. with the points they earned.
     Occasionally i may offer extra payout rewards for WEBSITE STAFF or for SUBSCRIBERS only. 

5- All members of the community, May purchase a ticket in the Randomizer 3.0 Raffles when
     there made available.

6- 'Hooptiecoupe' reserves the right to cancel any cash payout for any reason at anytime.

7- All payouts are paid VIA 'PAYPAL' If you don't have a PAYPAL account, then you forfite 
     your cash  payout 
    and the prize will be made available again.
    ( some of your points will be refunded so that you can purchase something else in the shop if you want.)

8- Hooptiecoupe MAY consider sending out cash reward payouts via SNAIL mail
    GAMESTOP, or other such places. But ONLY IF the GIFT CARD matches the Cash Payout reward.
      (hooptiecoupe reserves the right to decline doing this if he chooses.)

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