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What does this plugin do:
This plugin adds loads of punishments to inflict on rule breaking players (or just to troll them), some interesting ones include reversing time at 20x speed only for the player,
opening his inventory for everyone in the server to steal from, forcing them to speak arabic and of course turning them into potatoes.
it also allows you to set areas to use the punishment and repeat punishments after a customization time period

Youtube Videos:
/Punish [punishment] [player]:
this is how you do normal punishments, so /p fall Bob would cause bob to fall.

/Punish [punishment] [player] [optional damage or 'x'] [repeat] [delay in seconds]

/Protect <Area> <Punishment>


soooo many punishments... :) try them all on hackers and rule breakers to see what they do!
80 Total

fall, explode, strike , burn, hounds, end ,infall, Creeper
web, void, invoid, lavablock, hole, teleport, freeze
irongolem an, fexplode, fstrike, hailfire, blind, drunk, starve, slow
poison, strip, nether
floorportal, chatroll, Glass, shoot, babble, Paranoia, spin, Unaware
Leveldown, Annoy, Surround
FlamingArrow Fires a flaming arrow at the target. Specify the amount of arrows by adding ... 0 [number of arrows] to the end of the punishment
Night Sets the players client time to night, and keeps it there. Does not affect server time
Rewind Makes time run backwards fro the players client, and at 20x speed. Does not affect server time
Dragon Releases the Ender Dragon behind the player (BETA! WARNING!)
Slap Makes the player fly backwards into the nearest object
Lag Makes the player experience imaginary lag: Does not actually make the server lag noticeably
Rotate Turns the player's view up-side-down
Exblock Makes the next block the player mines explode
Hostile Makes the mobs around the player turn hostile
Mute Prevents the player from being able to chat
Slender Blinds the player and then spawns an enderman that follows them
Drop Makes the player lag out. Server performance is not affected
Anvil Drops an anvil on the players head. Set the damage after the command to 20 to freeze them in place so it definitely hits them
Spam Fills the players chat window with spam
Cage Builds a cage made of anvils around the player
White Turns the users world white (downloads a texture pack to their client)
FakeOp Sends the player a fake "You are now an Op!" message
Popup Makes the player's inventory popup randomly (good with the repeat commands)
Booty Opens the players inventory... To every other user on the server.
Potato Pretty much it makes you see only blackness if you are inside of it. and on the outside you get a free potato to do whatever you want with it! if you cook the potato it sets the person on fire for ever (no death) if you eat it they instantly die and who knows what happens if you plant it!
Popular Teleports EVERY PLAYER on the server to the player you specify
Display Traps the player in an unbreakable glass box
Pumpkin Replaces the player's headgear for a pumpkin
Armour Replaces all the player's Armour with useless buckets
Hiss Plays a creeper hiss to the player
Tree Surrounds the player with trees
Ambiance Plays ambiance noise to just the player
Maim Stops the player from being able to pick up items
Brittle Next time the player jumps or falls, they die
TNTTrick Surrounds the player with TNT, and makes a hissing noise
TNT Surrounds the player with TNT and ignites it
Fire Surrounds the player with a ring of fire
Squid Drops a squid on the player (Great if you make it re-occuring)
Crash Crashes the player's client, requiring a restart of their Minecraft
Useless Renames all the player's items to 'Useless'
IDTheft Changes the player's name every time they move
Metro Makes every single chat the player make, turn in to a different language
Arabic Translates all the player's chats in to arabic
Nuke Explodes the player with the power of 200 blocks of TNT (WARNING: ANY SERVERS' with less than 1GB of RAM and 3Ghz of processing power WILL crash for 5 mins and MAY require a restart.) (Author's note: See the footnote for why I couldn't scale it to the actual power of a hydrogen bomb)
Bomb Progressively carpet bombs the player's location with 1000 blocks of TNT worth of power (Should not crash as each explosion is delayed by 50ms from the next)
Scream Plays a max-volume ghast scream to the player
Trip Makes the player drop all their items on the floor
Potate Not to be confused with Potato
Punishments with special syntax, see 'Special Syntax'
Chat Same as Chatroll, but put text to say after punishment/username (essentially chatroll, but only once)
Rename Changes the players display name. Specify the new name by adding the players new name to the end of the punishment
Kick Kicks the player with a custom message. Specify the kick message by adding ... [msg] to the end of the punishment.

punishAreas.* - Gives a player control over all aspects of AreaPunish
punishAreas.admin - Allows a player to modify other players punishment areas (DEFAULT OP)
punishAreas.make - Allows a player to make punishment areas (DEFAULT OP)
punishAreas. - Makes a player unpunishable as a result of going into a restricted area

Other Plugins used with this one:
World edit is needed for the area protection but the mod will work fine without it.
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