What versions does this support?


what makes the plugin useful?

This plugin is a great land protection plugin.
It basically takes the idea of the plotme plugin
and improves on it slightly by allowing players to 'merge' there plots.
Great for Creative based servers.

The only downside is that you will need an MySQL account.
config files for plotme can be transferd over to this plugin really easy
since they both use the same config layout.

/plot claim [schematic] Claim a plot usage: plots.claim

plot limit: plots.plot.<x>

schematic: plots.claim.<schematic>

/plot auto [size] [schematic] Claim the nearest plot usage:

plot limit: plots.plot.<x>

claim size:

/plot home <id|alias> Go to your plot plots.home
/plot visit <player>;[#] Visit someone's plot plots.visit
/plot tp <alias|id|player> Teleport to a plot

/plot paste Pastes a copied plot plots.paste
/plot set <arg> <value...> Set a plot value plots.set
/plot set biome <value> Set the biome for the plot plots.set.biome
/plot set wall <block id> Set the wall around the plot plots.set.wall
/plot set wall_filling <block id> Set the wall filling around the plot plots.set.wall_filling
/plot set floor <block id> Set the plot floor plots.set.floor
/plot set alias <string> Set the plot alias/friendly name plots.set.alias
/plot set home Set the plot home to your location plots.set.home
/plot set rain <on|off> Set the weather in the plot plots.set.rain
/plot set flag <key> [value] Set a flag in the plot usage: plots.set

and plots.set.flag

set flag: plots.set.flag.<flag>

/plot clear Clear your current plot plots.clear
/plot delete Delete your current plot plots.delete
/plot merge <N|E|S|W> Merge your plots plots.merge
/plot unlink separate a mega-plot plots.unlink
/plot setowner <player> Set the plot owner plots.setowner
/plot denied <add|remove> <player> Manage plot entry for a player plots.denied
/plot helpers <add|remove> <player> Manage plot helpers plots.helpers
/plot trusted <add|remove> <player> Manage trusted plot members plots.trusted
/plot schematic <test|paste|save|exportall> Paste a schematic in your plot plots.schematic
(Must be console to exportall)
/plot kick <player> Kicks a player from your plot plots.kick
/plot comment <admin|owner|helper|trusted|everyone> <message> Comment on a plot plots.comment
/plot inbox [tier] [clear][:#] Manage the inbox for a plot plots.inbox
/plot setup <world> <generator> Initializes setup for a plot world plots.admin
/plot setup <value> Sets the value for the current setup step plots.admin
/plot setup back Goes back a setup step plots.admin
/plot setup cancel Cancel plot setup plots.admin

/plot clipboard View information about yourcurrent clipboard plots.clipboard
/plot info [category] Display plot info
Categories include:
- helpers
- trusted
- denied
- flags
- biome
- rating
- owner
- id
- alias
- size
/plot list <mine|shared|world|all> List all plots for a category plots.list
/plot help Get a help menu N/A
/plot plugin Show plugin information plots.use
/plot inventory Open a command inventory plots.inventory
/plot reload Reload configurations