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Editors notes:
I rarely ever post maps without a download. Only in rare occasions do i make such an excaption. This is one of those rare occasions.
The details and SIZE of this map warrants it being reviewed and showcased to a larger audience. It is my hopes that by re-posting the map information here
for the minecraft map maker, he might be able to get a few more subscribers or followers, or even new build helpers to his cause.

City...7x5 km (35 km²)/13,5 squaremiles in size

NewPortCity is a minecraft construction project that is one of the
largest construction projects in the history of the Minecraft universe.
The world as such has a 13.5 square mile (35km²) large city, mountain
regions, desert regions, meadows, forests, villages and much more. There
is much to discover, for the world as such is not meant to reflect
utopia, but the hard foundation of our society today. From massive
skylines and residential districts to stripclubs and drug labs, you'll
find everything in this map.

copyright (NewPortCity-Map) - IchBinTibor(IBT)

Hard facts:
- 13.5 squaremiles big (35km²
- Construction period up to now: 1 year
- based on: NewYork(USA), LosAngeles(USA), Vienna(Austria/Europa)