- Server Rules -

1 - Claim your land. Were Not repsonsible for grief.

2 - Keep curseing to a minumum please.

3 - Get CAUGHT hacking, and you will be jailed.

4 - DO NOT spam chat with anything. You will be muted and/or Jailed

5 - YOU can talk abut ANYTHING in chat.  But do not be vulgar.


We really try to encourage free thought, but we do have a few rules and codes of conduct
we ask you to live by while talking on our websiste/forums....

1) Show Respect For Staff Members ( includes server and website staff tags)

2) I don't care if you get into word fights about whatever.
But, if someone asks you POLITELY to stop bothering them. STOP.
-NOTE: staff wont jump into the conversation/mute or ban unless the offending person as been warned, and continues to bully or insult)
as long as both parties are okay with it Staff, will not get involved.
. but, if one person PUBLICLY asks the other to STOP. and they don't,
staff may then WARN to stop conversation..
and mute them if they keep it up.

3) Post in the proper thread area. Your welcome to talk about your community, server, anythimg.MC related..
but do so in the proper thread. and say it only if its about the topic being discussed.
(otherwise, you may post it on the server list page or the reviews forum page.)

4) Do no Spamm.
This means posting Threads, or reply's on posts purely with the intention to advertise something.

5) I don't care if you talk about your server, community or website.
but please make sure its useful to the conversation in whatever thread your posting in.
(I.E. ... "we use this plugin in our server {IP HERE} its great plugin".. thats fine  but..
'hey guys checkout our awsome server at {IPHERE} we host games prizes, factions.. blah blah blah...

Thats a server ad and it belongs on the server list forum page.

6) DIRECT Server Advertisements belong in the SERVER LIST FORUM area.


What is this website about?
The #1 goal of this website is to bring you survival Sandbox & Open world games based content.
This could be , comics, maps, mods, youtube videos, livestreamers or servers.
 Our first main love though is minecraft. So, most of the conversations will be about that :)
What threads Can i post in?
To submit a mod go here: LINK

To submit a Map go here: LINK

To submit a Plugin go here: LINK

To submit a Texture Pack go here: LINK

To start any other conversation go here: LINK

You can reply to ANY started thread conversation.

Where can i advertise or talk about an experince on a server?
Mainly, you can go here to advertise or market: http://www.hooptiesworld.com/servers
However, your also welcome to discuss a server's IP if its inline with the conversation.
On ANY of the website's topic area areas.

For instance, A plugin review is offered by a member of the community,
you happen to use that plugin and want to talk abut your experince with it on your server.
Feel free to share your IP.

As long as it fits in naturally with the conversations being started Theres nothing wrong with it.
but, direct advertisement is considered spam and will be removed.

 For instance... "hey guys this is my awsome server @ IP HERE... please come check it out
we need staff...." yadda yadda yadda. That goes on the Server Reviews page.

ask youself, Does my post have anything to do wiht the topic of this thread?
am i helping the conversation or detracting from it? If its detracting, dont post it.

How do i earn points for the shop?
there is a variety of ways to earn points,
post a map, a plugin, and mod and you'll get some points.
You can also become a member of staff and be allowed to post mod, map,
server, plugin and texture pack reviews and you'll get more points per approved review.
You can also help us market our community server by voting for us on
PMC and on MCF to get a few extra points per day as well.

What are the Rules For posting a map , mod or plugin?
If it is NOT your map, mod or server, then give credit to the person who created it.
You may post The following:

Creator: (who made the map, mod ..ect...)

Scource Page: (where did you find this at?)
NOTE: this must be an offical page such as MCF or PMC or there OWN page.But, redirect sites like 9minecraft.net and 4minecraft.com are not accepted.

Download Link: Direct Download links MUST be provided. (no go here to download links, unless approved by staff.)
NOTE: adfly links may be used as long as they are from the map maker.

Pictures or Youtube Videos:
You need to provide ATLEAST 2 picutres or up to date video about what your adding.

What is this thing about? why did you post it? You need to include what makes it interesting to you.
It dosnt have to be a MASSIVE wordy thing. (leave that to the Review Team.)

But, it does need to explain what it is about, and why you wanted to post it to share it with others.

That's all the Q & A I can think of, if theres any other questions you have feel free to ask 
By sending me a PM thru the website. or asking it in the General Topics area.

Our main aim is to have fewer staff that maintain the website, meaning, less moderation issues.
(no getting something deleted because staff didn't take the time to properly investigate.)
Our staff have been trained on what is an isn't allowed. .. FYI, pretty much ANYTHING is allowed as
long as you post it in the proper area.