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CLOSED Five Guys Gaming - closed

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Update 07.30.14- this server is listed as closed.the website appears to have closed down too.
Server Owner: dpierres

Server modpack/Version:

Tekkit 1.2.9e - Survival server

IP address:


Website Info:

Easy to naviagate. Nice website layout. easy to find the information you looking for.


Typical rules found on most servers. Basic rules to encourage friendly gameplay.
the server appers to be geared more towards those that want a nice clean PVE environment to hang out in and meet new people.

Staff: Unknown

Economy setup: Unknown

Spawn info: Unknown

Chat screen info: Unknown

Player Protection setup: Unknown

Donor Info/perks:

Very clean server shop. only 1 items appers to be for Donors. (but its not a game changing item.)
Many of the items in there shop you can unlock by using points.

Plugins used:

- Essentials
- Grief protection
- Item Restrict
- Jail
- Sign Shops
- Simpe Region Market
- Lockette
- World Guard
- World Edit
- Core Protect

NOTE: this is a white listed server, but its stated on there website that you will be auto whitelisted after you join there community.
once you join there community. you can then join there servers.
Posted Jul 3, 14 · OP · Last edited Oct 13, 14
Review Team Admin
these guys have a large community too. but, most everyone seems to be quite on the forums. Im not sure if that means people are quite in chat too.
I would def. like to join this server and check em out. I've bee wanting to mess around with the tekkit mod pack with friends. seems like
this could be a good place to do that at.
best quote i've ever seen for a reason someone was banned... "Squids like to tickle chickens during the weekends"
Posted Jul 3, 14 · OP
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Unfortunately, it looks as though this server and site will be shutting down. Just received the following message from DpierreS (Head of FGG Community):
DpierreS - Five Guys Gaming wrote:
Hello everyone,

As some of you may have noticed, our active player base has been declining lately. Fewer and fewer regular players have been on the server and there hasn't been much activity around the website. Donations have also fallen to nothing and when that happens we start paying out of our own pocket. If the community was thriving there would be more motivation to continue the services but unfortunately that's not the case. As a result we have decided to close down the servers and website.

Our servers will be shutting down on July 31st 2014.

A week later the website will be closing as well.

During that week we will make the Tekkit World files available for downloaded so you can continue playing in that world as a single player.

This seems to be the nature of Tekkit. Once you have completed everything it's tends to get a little stale so people move away from it. It seems to have hit a lull right now and the community is no longer sustainable.

We've had a great time running this community and enjoyed the relationships we have formed. Even though this part of Five Guys Gaming is closing, there are still some of us who continue to play other games. Steam is a great tool for staying in touch and I urge you, if you haven't already, to join the Five Guys Gaming steam community located at the following link

Thank you all for being a part of this and hopefully we'll still see you around.
Posted Jul 19, 14
Review Team Admin
That's really sad to hear. Meanwhile, the tekkit servers that are horrible are getting all the players,votes and to pay for advertiseong and more votes. This is the reason I'm changing my site to help advertise and give publicity to those server owners that deserve our support. See if you can reach out to him. Maybe we could invite him and his community to help out here. I like his website design perhaps he could help us to make the our server list side a lot better. I'll contact him when I'm back home monday evening. See if you can reach out to him sooner. With any luck we can help to keep his community alive or help him evolve to another type of server. Like bteam...or hexxit. We need a good hexxit server sooooo bad.
Posted Jul 20, 14 · OP