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best quote i've ever seen for a reason someone was banned... "Squids like to tickle chickens during the weekends"
Posted Feb 20, 15 · OP
Hello there,
I'm the owner of KingdomsCity. I'm glad to see that you have put my server on here and thank you.
If you would like me to give you any of the information for the different sections of this post I will be more than happy to help out.

- Bolly Founder/Owner of KingdomsCity
Posted Apr 4, 15
Review Team Admin
Hey bolly nice to meet ya. I'm currently on a 2week vacation. But submit an update at: /aar and click on update review. Then simply provide the link to this page for reference.

This is less of a list and more of a server review forum and free thought disscusion area. Its best of you ask players from you server or community to come join us and submit an honest review on you server.

They'll be rewarded with points to enter contests and you will be
rewarded with free marketing.
Thru possible live show/ events or or free marketing for your server.

The idea is, you help me grow a little
y directing people to this review page for your server and ill bring players to you be helpinf you market your server. it's a win win for u and your players.

We really love showing off and talking about servers here! Its the #1 thing that makes mc so great. :d

Seems like every forum out there censors server talk. Were the only community that don't restrict server talk.

Feel free to talk about your server in our other forum areas. But make sure the endorsement matches the conversation.
Posted Apr 7, 15 · OP · Last edited Apr 16, 15