Owner: ataranlen


IP: creative.MineTexas.com

Playstyle: creative

Youtube: none yet

Amount of Rules: 4

Rules rating: A - The perfect, the right amount of rules to keep everyone happy!

Economy Rating: Creative - The server is a creative server. It dosnt have an economy setup.

Spawn Rating: C- Provides Basic server information, but your in and out.

Chat Rating: A- easy to read. Server Reminders don't interfere with gameplay

Player Protection Rating: A- Great player protection. you can come back a month later knowing
knowing your safe.

Staff Rating: OTHER - The serer was pretty quite while i was on.
i'm not sure when the normal player base gets on.

Donor Perks Rating: A- Free to play. donors unlock items or commands for entire server!


This is a nice creative server. The only problem I really see is that there isn't really a server spawn.
you just plop right in from the HUB portals, or go straight here.. and that's it. Get to building.
They use world edit which is really nice. I'm not sure of all the commands I can do since i'm not able to do: /help

overall, the style, and coolness of the builds near the spawn are enough to encourage to stay on and be inspired to build !

The only real reason the server is a B rating from me, is cause there is no server spawn.