ARTICLE BY: Patrick R. O'Boyle

town map of fortnite
EPIC GAMES FINALLY released a Map of the play area!

 For those still wondering, Fortnite by EPIC Games Is STILL being worked  on.
so far though, there hasn't been any word on a release date. But, based off of the

latest patch notes for 10.1 its seems clear the game is coming along very well and no doubt
edgeing closer to an actual release date. which is antcipated to be this year.

A little over 1,000 people are currently involved in playing the closed alpha version.
(so, the game IS playable and it IS being played.) However, those 1,000 players are under an
NDA (non disclosure agreement) meaning there not allowed to live stream, upload videos
or talk about there experince OUTSIDE of the FORTNITE forums. That said, the game appers
to be coming along very nicely and several rumors are going around that we might see a release date announcement this year. (possibly with a release date of this year.)

In the recent FORTNITE update 10.1 several new features were added in

Some are pretty major features/changes to the gameplay. Most were simply BUG and GLITCH fixes. (if there fixing bugs, that means there getting very close to a release.) They've Added new tertiary missions to explore the zone and reveal the map. Revealing the map will earn players an exploration badge.

fortnite commando shooting an monster

A new Ambient Enemy System as been added in meaning that the world is a more dangerous place due to the new Ambient Enemy System EPIC games have Significantly increased the number and variety of sleeping enemies in the world, Night patrols are now more dangerous ,Sleeping enemies now appropriately spawn in  based on level difficulty (no more sleeping Sploders until they are introduced) there are More enemy variety in Patrols, Sleeping and patrolling Lobbers, Smashers, & Takers can now be found, Reduced visuals and audio cues for Patrols, Increased the ranged weapon noise distances for AI hearing
All these AI changes makes fighting mobs much more challenging.
Some other interesting features to NOTE in the 10.1 update are


Survivor mini map icons will no longer disappear for players who travel far away from the   Survivor if they're still active.

Fixed weapon tracers moving too slow

Players now are properly required to be standing still and aiming down sites to have maximum accuracy.

Added material-specific sounds when a player runs on different surface types

 I think the fact that they've finally added in one of the KEY missing components into the audio system would definantly indicate to me that the game is getting closer to a launch window. As generally, sound is one of the LAST things to work on in a game.

fortnite ninja building

On top of these things, SEVERAL bug and glitches have been addressed, which (again) would indicate that were edgeing closer and closer to a release date for FORTNITE!